• For the application of roller coatings that require Atex certification
  • For gravure printing impression rolls
  • For roller coatings used in the Ex-area
  • For roller coatings over which charges are to be discharged
  • To avoid the build-up of static electricity
  • For special applications in the production of foodstuffs or medical products

Properties and advantages:

  • Peak temperature resilience up to 110 °C or 140 °C
  • Designed for high machine speeds
  • Excellent grind-ability
  • Very good dimensional stability
  • Available in various application-specific hardness grades
  • Available in various surface finishes: Polished, finely and precisely textured, etc.
  • Available in antistatic and electrically conductive versions for individual materials


  • For hardness grades and further information, please contact our sales team