The encapsulation of foils on steel, stainless steel or non-ferrous metal takes place at high temperatures when the laminating roll coatings are heavily loaded. Depending on the coating used, it can melt and become cracked or smooth.

If the wrong coating material is selected, wrinkles may form on the finished laminated product or the foil may adhere to the laminating roll, which can lead to defects on the laminated product.

High contact pressure and/or high circumferential speeds often cause damage to the laminating roll coating, such as impressions or detachment of the covering.

Problems in brief:

  • The laminating rolls show melting or cracks in the surface
  • The laminated product exhibits wrinkles, pits or similar damage
  • The product remains stuck to the laminating roll
  • Removal of coating through excessive contact pressure or too high a speed

Mitex solutions:

54.70: Rubber coating for laminating applications, with good temperature resistance
30.80: Silicone coating for use up to 250 °C
Endurance: Laminating roller coating for high machine speeds and high laminating pressures; ideal for processing TPO, TPE, PP, PE, PA, PVC, PES and PC foils; also available in antistatic, electrically or thermally conductive versions
SoftSpreader: Spreading roller to convey the film into the laminating gap without creases