The extrusion nozzle is located a few centimetres in front of the gap formed by the nip and the take-off roller. Melted material with a temperature of up to 290 °C exits this wide slot nozzle. The extruded mass solidifies in the roller gap until it reaches a plastic, stable state. Due to the process, the temperature of the foil produced in the rolling gap is still very high. This means that the foil, which is still hot, tends to adhere to the coated take-off roller.

Problems in brief:

  • Adhesion of foils on the roller surface in the edge area
  • Compression of the foil through the substrate leads to adhesions on the roller surface

Mitex solutions:

High Release (M032.XX): Extremely anti-adhesive surface

High Release (M032.XX) + TCS: High thermal conductivity and extremely anti-adhesive surface

TCS: High thermal conductivity