The oiling of the belts serves as corrosion protection or as an aid for the next process step. The oil layer should be extremely thin and even. The oiling is carried out either by spraying and squeezing or by applying electrostatically charged oil droplets. The oil film should then be extremely thin and even. Often the distribution of the oil on the belt causes problems due to poor/incorrect squeezing or the fact that the electrostatically charged oil droplets are not discharged and can flow away. The result is too much oil, which can lead to a blurring of the windings when winding.

Problems in brief:

  • Oil distribution after electrostatic lubrication uneven
  • Insufficient oil application

Mitex solutions:

Mitex non-woven rolls: Excellent squeezing result with an extremely thin film of residual oil
PureBlue: Electrically conductive polyurethane; discharges the charges of the oil droplets and distributes the oil layer.