Pressure, traction and brake rolls often suffer premature damage to the covering material, detachment from the roller body and mechanical deformation of the covering. This is caused by the very high line pressure required by the system.

In the case of the roll covers, the high line pressure leads to increased grip and to a temperature build-up due to hysteresis. The coating material "flows", melts or overheats, and the bond with the roll body is subjected to extreme loads or overloading.

For these applications, Mitex offers a range of heavy-duty special coatings with low abrasion, high cut resistance and very good bonding to the roll body that are also suitable for very high line pressures.

Problems in brief:

  • High line pressures for pressure, drive and brake rolls
  • Coatings detach from the core due to excessive load

Mitex solutions:

Durotech: Heavy-duty polyurethane coating resistant to roll oil
92.95: Highly resistant oil-resistant coating
509.80 – 509.95: Heavy duty, oil-resistant coatings
510.92: Oil-resistant coating with extremely good mechanical properties