Modern machines in illustration, décor and packaging printing are becoming ever faster with simultaneously increasing demands on print resolution and quality while substrates are deteriorating at the same time.

This prevents sufficient emptying of the cells and leads to poor printing results.

By means of electrostatic charging, the ink in the cell is oriented towards the substrate. This leads to better cell emptying and hence to higher print quality.

Problems in brief:

  • Missing dots in the print image on paper and foil
  • “Open” print, lack of brilliance
  • Missing dots due to high resolution/fine raster; bad paper and/or defective colour

Mitex solutions:

  • ESA rubber and PU coatings
  • RBU-ESA-coatings
  • Coatings suitable for all ESA systems, in the hardness range of 70 – 95 Sh A.

Certified on request according to ATEX directive 94/9/EC with the labelling Ex II 2G T3 and test number QS 09 ATEX 2070X.