Due to charge separation between the substrate and roller surface, high stresses can occur. The use of an electrostatic printing aid (ESA) can even considerably enhance this effect.

Among other things, ESA coatings have the task of limiting high voltage to a safe level.

Problems in brief:

  • Surfaces of the gravure printing impression roll contaminated with ink/paper dust
  • High loads on the offset impression roll
  • Spontaneous unloading when applying the impression roll

Mitex solutions:

MITEX impression roll coatings for electrostatically supported publication, packaging and decorative gravure printing as well as for numerous other safety-relevant roller applications for potentially explosive atmospheres according to ATEX Directive 94/9/EC with the labelling Ex II 2G T3 and test number QS 09 ATEX 2070X.

This certification includes the tried-and-tested black rubber coatings produced using the Mitex process, the new materials that are not filled with carbon black and, due to their homogeneous composition, even the ESA-PU coatings.

With this, MITEX not only sets new standards and underlines its high demands on the safety and quality consistency of coatings and production processes, but also makes a consistent contribution to increasing the operational safety of its customers and supports mechanical engineering as well as the manufacturers of electrostatic loading and unloading systems.