Winding: As natural as it is, there are many possible sources of error that can have lasting effects on the entire value chain.

For example, too tight a winding can lead to compression wrinkles in the proximity of the core, or telescoping on an encapsulated product. The formation of stars is also a familiar effect.

Too low a winding tension produces a "soft" roll.
Besides too much air wound in – also a probability of telescoping – reclining plates may occur.

In the case of adhesive-encapsulated products, product adhesion in the area of the "reclining plates" is significantly higher than in the rest of the roll area.

This can result in oscillating take-off behaviour of the material web as well as reduced machine speeds of the finishing machines, even to the point of unprocessability.

Problems in brief:

  • Star formation
  • Tree rings
  • Telescoping

Mitex solutions:

Feeding roller TYPE SWW minimises the previously described characteristics up to the elimination of undesired phenomena on centre winders.

The MITEX SWW feeding roller can be used in all processes, from extrusion, printing, encapsulating and laminating, cutting to winding of cut parts.