Ozone is produced specifically in ozone generators and is used for the disinfection or activation of surfaces, for example, or as a follow-up product in high-voltage applications.

If ozone is not completely sucked away, it can lead to damage to the roller surfaces, the corrosion of metal surfaces and attacks the rubber/metal bond at its place of origin or in downstream positions of the production lines.

The transport of the substrate through the production lines can deflect the ozone with the product into downstream aggregates, e.g. by laminar flow, and also cause damage to roller coatings.

In the case of unsuitable elastomers, after a certain exposure, ozone attacks first appear in the form of fine surface cracks that can be remedied at the beginning by immediate regrinding. In the event of continued exposure, the coating becomes brittle and the continuous formation of cracks leads to irreversible damage.

Mitex solutions:

Endurance: BCoating for transfer, take-off, contact, encapsulating and coater rollers.
Ultradur: Coatings with high temperature resistance and very good traction
TCS: Anti-adhesive and thermally conductive coatings
30.xx: Polyurethane coating for press rollers and transfer rollers