The technical requirements for foils are becoming increasingly stringent.

Foils in optical applications, that are used as screen or mobile phone surfaces, only permit inhomogeneities that can no longer be resolved by the human eye.

Technical foils that are glued over the entire surface of consumer electronics, for example, require absolutely homogeneous embossing on the reverse side. The homogeneity of the embossing enables the even application of adhesive, and thus full-surface adhesion. Inhomogeneities that can be resolved by the human eye are also inadmissible on the reverse side, as the matt texture of the reverse side shapes the front side.

Problems in brief:

  • Uneven matting/roughness of the front or rear sides of foils
  • Inhomogeneous optical properties of the foils
  • Incorrect roughness for the adhesion of the foils

Mitex solutions:

MITEX Calantech in different roughness settings