Mitex has developed special roller coatings that are suitable for applications with indirect and direct food contact as well as for the production of packaging foils.

This series of materials, based on NBR or EPDM, complies with the requirements of the FDA guidelines and is available either in a light white version or in an electrically conductive black colour, in a hardness range of 50 – 75 Shore A and, in the case of some special products, also in greater hardnesses.

These coatings are suitable for use on all base bodies and are offered in a wide variety of surface textures and profiles.

Problems in brief:

  • Approval in accordance with FDA regulations

Mitex solutions:

EP - FDA white: EPDM mixture 50 – 75 Shore A, light white colouring

EP - FDA electrically conductive: EPDM mixture 70 – 75 Shore A, black

NBR - FDA white: EPDM mixture 50 – 90 Shore A, white colouring

EP - FDA black, electrically conductive: EPDM mixture 70 – 90 Shore A, black