Demands on extruded mono-foils or co-extruded composite foils are becoming ever more stringent.

Increasing machine speeds, in turn, require higher feed pressures in the extrusion nip and a higher nozzle temperature.All together, this reduces production windows still further and makes processes even more sensitive.

A harder roller setting and higher operating temperature result in a significant tendency for the foil to adhere to the elastomer roller.

Problems in brief:

  • Adhesion of the extruded foil to the take-off roller

Mitex solutions:

30.80 has very good release properties in combination with good mechanical properties. Marks of edge run-in occur only after a considerable delay due to the excellent dynamics of the covering. It can be used at continuous temperatures of up to 200 °C. Depending on the machine speed, nozzle temperature and substrate thickness, line pressures of up to 40 N/mm can be achieved. Thanks to optimised manufacturing processes, the covering is free of production-related impact and flow marks. Digitised grinding processes ensure tight tolerances in shape and position.

MITEX 30.80 is a material that is physically and mechanically adapted to extrusion processes. The greater service life of the roller covers has a positive effect on system availability. State-of-the-art turning and grinding technology produces correspondingly tighter tolerances for foil products and encapsulating and coating results.

MITEX Ultradur el in the hardness range of 80 – 95 Shore A