Foils and products that are to be applied to a subsequent surface finish such as encapsulating, coating, laminating or matting must have a clean surface. This also applies to products that will be rolled or painted later.
Dirt from the machining processes and the surrounding air can be deposited on the products and contaminate them. In subsequent processes, these contaminants will be permanently enclosed in the product.

When trimming or cutting a web, cutting residues accrue and are dragged through the system. During rewinding, these particles can then damage the product itself or lead to problems or rejects during subsequent processing processes (printing, coating, encapsulating). The same applies to dust attracted by static charges, insects that settle in the system or other loose impurities.

Problems in brief:

  • Dust, small and minute particles, production residues, side trim, abrasion, etc. contaminate the foil and aluminium surfaces
  • Cutting residues, dust, insects contaminate the web

Mitex solutions:

UltraClean: Due to its special adhesive properties, UltraClean removes impurities from the web. The coating can be reground, is antistatic and easy to clean. Various "adhesiveness levels" are available to suit the respective requirements.