General Terms and Conditions of Sale and Delivery

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August 2019

Currently valid certificate

Based on ISO 9001

General Terms and Conditions of Purchase

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Worldwide elastomer technology
for more than 50 years

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MITEX - A successful way forward
With the founding of MITEX in 1954,
Hans Knott laid the foundation stone
for the 50-year success story...
(General brochure, 16 pages)

MITEX innovations
Innovations at Mitex

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Sandwichwalzen Sandwich rollers
Thermotransferwalzen Heat-transfer rolls
Titanwalze Titanium roller
Antihaft-Walze Non-stick roller

MITEX special rollers for
film and foil production

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Insulation measuring device

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Insulation measuring device for determining the electrical properties of rollers

Coater rollers: “A new dimension"

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Excellent chemical resistance
Highest mechanical strength

Subsidiaries, licensees
and partners worldwide

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C2 - Innovative quartet

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Global Roller Technologies Group

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